Fables Bookshop opening Late Summer 2019

Fables Press Kit

Basic Information

Company Name: Fables

Please refer to us as a "bookshop" or "book and gift shop", not a store.

Company Category: Retail, used and new books and gifts

Established: April 2019

Anticipated Opening: Late summer 2019

Shop location: 215 S. Main Street, Goshen, IN 46526

Press Contacts:

Kristin Saner 574-349-5510

Veronica Berkey 574-971-6566

Jenny Frech 260-444-8411

email: fablesbooks@gmail.com

Owner/Operators: Veronica Berkey, Jenny Frech, Kristin Saner, Brad Weirich, Mark Saner, Jeremy Friesen

Social Media:

Website www.fablesbookshop.com

Instagram @fablesbookshop

Facebook @fablesgoshen

Twitter @fablesbookshop

Fables Bookshop Opening Announcement Press Release 4/26/2019

Our story:

With the abrupt closure of Better World Books, several local community members moved quickly from shock to action. Within 72 hours after the closure was announced, Jenny Frech and Brad Weirich, had a plan on the back of a napkin for a new bookstore.

As the planning process continued, team members were added. Veronica Berkey, Kristin Saner, Jenny Frech, and Brad Weirich are primary owners. Mark Saner and Jeremy Friesen are partial owners.

The team is strong and brings retail and book experience to the endeavor. Weirich and Berkey were instrumental in setting up and running the initial Better World Books store. Kristin Saner worked at Better World Books as an assistant manager, and Frech founded and runs Soapy Gnome. They all call Goshen home.

The new bookshop, Fables, will be located on Main Street in the same location as the former Better World Books. Gently used books donations will be accepted to help lower the startup costs. In addition, the group will be running an Indiegogo campaign at the end of May, and applying for a Small Business Loan.

The new bookshop will focus on high quality used and new books, literary gifts, stationery, and toys. Used books will be the primary category and will mirror what Goshen’s reading. The bookshop will be a reflection of the community.

The name, Fables, was chosen to represent what stories mean to the community. Everyone, young and old, from any country, any religious background, is familiar with the stories we tell through fables. Shared stories bring the community closer together.

Fables will open late summer 2019. For more details, follow Fables Bookshop on Instagram @fablesbookshop and Facebook, visit their website to sign up for emails and for more details on how to be a part of the exciting new venture for downtown.

Company facts: 

  • This group of business owners and supporters started within hours of the previous bookstore closing.
  • We plan on serving Goshen even better than before.
  • The business will be located at 215 S. Main Street. Interior modifications will be made before opening.
  • The shop will sell a combination of used and new books, literary gifts, apparel, and toys. 
  • Building owners, Dave Pottinger and Faye Petersen have been instrumental in helping the group plan for the building transition.
  • Majority women-owned business
  • Three people with previous bookstore management experience. Two people bootstrapping another retail gift business.
  • Bookstores are an anchor to a vibrant community and we believe this at our core.
  • Independently owned bookstores are agile and can respond to the needs of the community.
  • This bookshop is starting from scratch. Startup costs are estimated at $90,000. 
  • Donations of gently used books will be accepted. An Indiegogo campaign will run to raise funds for this community bookshop.