Fables Bookshop opening Late Summer 2019


Will you buy my books?

In these initial months, we will be relying on donations. Each qualified donation will receive a coupon toward store purchase. See more details on the donations page.

When are you going to open?

We are hoping to open by late summer 2019.

What are your hours?

We're not open yet, we'll have a better idea closer to launch.

Where will you be opening?

215 S. Main Street, Goshen, Indiana 46526. 

What happened to the bookstore that was in Goshen?

They closed and sold their inventory and took the rest to their warehouses to sell online. We are in no way affiliated with Better World Books Corporation.

Did you buy the bookstore?

We did not buy the bookstore from the previous owners. We are starting this bookshop from scratch.

How are you getting funding?

Through a combination of ourselves, loans, and a crowdsourcing campaign. Stay-tuned to our website, and social media for updates on how you can get involved.

Are you qualified to run a bookstore?

Yes! We bring lots of great and varied experience to the table. Brad, Veronica, and Kristin have managed bookstores. Jenny has retail startup experience. Mark and Jeremy are helping with technology and strategy.

    Will you carry games?

    Our focus is on books and gifts. As such we will not be replacing everything the former bookstore was offering in terms of gaming. However, we will keep the conversation open so that we can best serve our community.


    Can I use my Five Star Points?

    We are not affiliated with Better World Books and do not have access to those accounts.

    Will you have a loyalty program?  

    We'd like to. At this time, we're not sure what it will look like.

    How can I donate my books?

    Until the store-front is open, you can drop off gently used books at Soapy Gnome (111 E Washington St; Goshen, IN 46528) during their regular business hours.

    When will you be ready to take orders? Can I get a book from you before you open?

    Contact Brad (brad@fablesbookshop.com) or leave a message at 574-575-2602.

    I want to help. What can I do to help our bookshop get up and running?

    You can donate gently used books, donate to the Indiegogo campaign, share the news about our business online, sign up for our newsletter, and more. See the Be a Part of the Story page for more details.

    Starting a bookstore is hard work. Are y'all serious?